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Hi. I’m Arthur, your friendly, neighborhood graphic designer. Really, I’m just a guy
with a decent computer and some artistic talent, trying to help young professionals
get the best out of their graphics. I developed this brand during my time at Howard
and I've since produced hundreds of products for people all across the country and abroad! Please, explore my site! I look forward to you being my next potential client!
Inspired by ''Nothing Was the Same" x Drake
WASHINGTON , DC (October 28, 2018) --- After 50 years of music education and 32 years at
the Mecca, my college band director, Mr. John Newson is on the way to retirement. I first met Mr. Newson when he visited my high school in Cleveland to recruit band members to Howard.
I was the only student from my class to go. He was a HUGE part of my immersion into collegiate life and was a constant figure in my overall experience. He's a gentle giant and a father-figure
to many. I'm genuinely sad to see him go, but I'm happy that he'll get to enjoy the fruits of his many years at the Hilltop in retirement. To acknowledge him, the Howard Alumni Band hosted
a weekend long homecoming celebration ending with an amazing brunch program! I was tasked with creating the commemorative booklet for the program. I'm pretty proud of it. I wasn't able to make it to the district for homecoming, but I wish Mr. Newson a fulfilling and happy retirement! Howard wouldn't have been the same without you! Shucks.
Furthermore, I've found a really dope video from the resident videographer for the marching band at Howard. The video features SHOWTIME along with the SHOWTIME Alumni Band exiting Greene Stadium and marching onto the yard for the 2018 Homecoming tunnel. I wish I was there! Check it out below!
Halftime CoverA.jpg
Front Cover Vintage No Border.jpg
DuPont Brass: Enjoy Yourself
From their new EP: HALFTIME
Keith Savage ft. MK Zulu
Nothing But Time
Shacara Rogers
16 Moments
Off the Six
CLEVELAND (September 24, 2018) --- So, I have some pretty amazing friends. My homies are truly some of the most creative, innovative and talented people I've ever met. When I'm looking for a little inspiration, I often look to the bros
to try to restart my creative spark. That's the point of all of this I think. As artists, our energy is shared across our various  mediums, causing a revolving cycle of wonderful works from all sides, all inspiring each other and renewing each other's zeal. We're all just trying to win out here! Support the homies by clicking the images above. I promise, all of it is dope!
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