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Hi. I’m Arthur, your friendly, neighborhood graphic designer. Really, I’m just a guy
with a decent computer and some artistic talent, trying to help young professionals
get the best out of their graphics. I developed this brand during my time at Howard
and I've since produced hundreds of products for people all across the country and abroad! Please, explore my site! I look forward to you being my next potential client!
Inspired by ''Nothing Was the Same" x Drake


Halftime CoverA.jpg
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DuPont Brass: Enjoy Yourself
From their new EP: HALFTIME
Keith Savage ft. MK Zulu
Nothing But Time
Shacara Rogers
16 Moments
Off the Six
CLEVELAND (September 24, 2018) --- So, I have some pretty amazing friends. My homies are truly some of the most creative, innovative and talented people I've ever met. When I'm looking for a little inspiration, I often look to the bros
to try to restart my creative spark. That's the point of all of this I think. As artists, our energy is shared across our various  mediums, causing a revolving cycle of wonderful works from all sides, all inspiring each other and renewing each other's zeal. We're all just trying to win out here! Support the homies by clicking the images above. I promise, all of it is dope!
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Nathaniel Sligh

"Arthur Hill is absolutely amazing when it comes to graphic design! His designs always exceed my expectations and he consistently thinks outside of the box. Literally every design that he's done for me has received much praise from its viewers and I'm always contacted by someone inquiring about how they can hire him. Arthur is very professional, timely, has great work ethic and will create a masterpiece even if you don't know what you specifically want done. (cont.)