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How much does it cost to work with you?

Prices vary by the product and client category. To make pricing easier to determine, I have developed pricing guides for students and general patrons. There is also a tier for businesses and organizations. All guides are available for download on the services page of the website.

What does the cost include?

In general, the cost of any given project includes the initial version of your requested product, as well as up to (3) courtesy full service revisions. You can find more on this in the official AmpliPHIed service agreement. Furthermore, the cost of any project gives proper regard to research time and project drafting.

Such and Such charges less than you. Can you Match Them? (Price Matching)

I totally understand that you may be able to find cheaper rates from other designers. I find that in this field, it’s hard to place universally accepted monetary value on a skillset, as some think that their work is worth more/less than others. For this reason, I stand firm in my pricing and am not able to match prices. However, if you decide to patronize my services, I’m sure that my dedication to your project and unique touch will make the cost worth every penny!

How long will it take to do the project?

In general, I ask for a blanket time of (7) business days for project turnaround. As I am a one man show, I find that this is generally enough time to give your project the proper attention while efficiently servicing the clients who may be on the schedule ahead of you. Should a circumstance affect this projected time frame, you will be notified promptly. Normally, if this happens, it is due to rush orders placed. For more info on Rush Orders, please see one of the AmpliPHIed pricing guides.

What is involved with the design process?

Step with me behind the curtain. So, the design process is relatively simple, but tedious. Most of the time, design ideas are supplied by the client. If I’m going from scratch, I take the overarching theme of the project and do a bit of research in the trends of that field. This is especially true for logos. Taking into consideration things that have already been established, I take extra effort to ensure that your product is unique. Coming up with different hand drawn mock ups, I take them to the screen and develop them using the latest in adobe graphics software. After I’ve developed a suitable proof, I place the design on a proof sheet and send off to the client for their approval.

What artwork file types do you provide?

JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, EPS, PSD, AI. If you have a special request, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

How do I communicate with you?

The best way to communicate with me is via email at I’m best available during regular business hours on weekdays.

Can we talk over the phone?

If you would like to speak one on one, calls can be accommodated at my office number, 202.505.ABH2 (2242)

Can you help with printing?

Currently, AmpliPHIed GFX does not supply printing services for any of the products. However, it will not be a problem to recommend an outside agency to assist in this need, especially if you are in the Cleveland, OH or Washington DC Metropolitan area/surrounding suburbs.

How do you accept payments?

Payments are generally accepted via PayPal, Square Cash App, Cash or Money Order. Other forms of payment may be accepted with suitable communication.

May I pay you in tickets to the party I’m hosting/copies of my mixtape/gum?

Payments are generally accepted via PayPal, Square Cash App, Cash or Money Order. Other forms of payment may be accepted with suitable communication.

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