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 US ​ /ˈflɑɪ·ərs/

Fliers are the staple products of AmpliPHIed Graphics + Design. They're used to promote and advertise an event, product, organization or service. They generally contain a wide arrangement of information and are intended for wide distribution. They contain detailed artwork and can be produced in myriad sizes and formats.

Logo Dev.png


 US ​ /ˈloʊ·ɡoʊ/

Short for logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name,

trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.



 US ​ /sil/ /krest/

Like logos, seals are symbols by which organizations can be commonly identified. Seals/Crests are commonly used in schools, firms, families, fraternities/sororities, special interest groups, etc. Often, the seal is held in esteem and not used outside of special documents or letterheads. In other cases, it can be used in apparel, notepads and other custom organizational trademarks and paraphernalia.

Print Material.png


 US ​ /ˈprɪnt/

Inclusive of invitations, announcements, banners, office material, business cards, brochures, etc. Let the people you care about share in your special occasions or your colleagues have a memento to remember you and your business by. 



 US ​ /əˈpær·əl/

Using the client's ideas, we develop premium designs for use on custom apparel. This can be for almost anything! I'm especially partial to shirts myself. Please note, I don't print, only design. 



 US ​ /mjʉ́wzɪk ɑrt /

If you happen to be a Musician or Artist releasing an album or EP, I bet

you'll also want some dope artwork for your cover. 

AmpliPHIed Graphics + Design provides graphics for all purposes, some of which may not have been included on this list. If you would like to inquire about specialty projects, please contact me at for a quote!

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